How to Pick the Right Shirts


How to Pick the Right Shirts

Most men have the trouble of picking the right shirts for them. Most of us try to ignore the simple things in like which can make us feel and look great. To look good you do not have to try a lot, a simple shirt that matches with your pants can be just perfect. It is essential to dress accordingly to the occasion; you do not want to end up wearing a party wear to a place you should be wearing formals and suits.


So if you happen to have trouble with picking the right shirts, then the following are some tips you can use to choose a better shirt:

  1. Colour of the shirt.
  2. Pattern choices.
  3. Collar options.
  4. The fit of the shirt.
  5. Fabric choices.
Colour of the shirt:

You can find many shirts in different colors in the market. You are provided with a lot of choices to choose. Sometimes it can get quite hard for men to choose when the options are many. So in this case what you need to do is pick a color depending on where you intend to wear the shirt. For example, if you are planning to wear the shirt for a job interview then try and choose light and mild colors so that you make a good impression.

If you are going to a party then colors like black, green and other brighter colors can be preferred. Pink is a color that is becoming quite popular these days in the men’s world. If you feel good in a Pink shirt, then you can always wear one.

Deciding the pattern:

There are plain shirts, and there are shirts with designs. Shirts with dull colors are easier to pair with the pants. But if you want to pick a shirt which has a design then you need to be careful in what you choose.

You can wear shirts with subtle stripes in them so that it looks good and it is also quite easy to match with the pants. If you are wearing a solid shirt, then you can pair the shirt with any tie.

If you are at a business meeting with a client or if you are going to an interview then do not wear floral printed shirts. Floral prints are worn when you go out on a trip or to the beach.

Collar options:

There are two types of collars in men’s shirts. One is the standard collar and the other one if the spread collar. If you have a round face, you can wear a standard collar. A standard collar shirt will make your face look elongated. Most of the formal wears have standard collars. The spread collar has a deeper cut in the neck and is considered to be more modern and fashionable.

The fit of the shirt:

Always figure out your body shape and then choose your shirt accordingly. Do not wear loose and baggy shirts to a place where you have to dress formally. Always tuck in your shirts wherever it is possible and necessary.


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